Recently I underwent a heart procedure and I was impressed at his talent and conscientiousness. In short, I have felt great. Last month, I had an accident that was not heart related and was in the hospital. I was delighted that he paid me a visit when he learned I was in the hospital. Not expected but what a nice surprise to have him sit with me for an hour because that’s what a caring and patient first doctor does.

Very thorough and very kind he is the epitome of a true great cardiologist. He helped my son in a very serious and sick time in his life I am forever in his debt.

Dottie in Cupertino

Besides being on top of his game, he has above average communication skills, which I highly regard and appreciate and rarely find in most doctors. A pleasant gentleman and quite thorough, leaving few if any stone upturned. So far I am quite impressed.

Dr. Qayyum saved my Life, he helped me encourage myself to have A Zest for Life & now I have a Second Chance at doing it & doing life well, staying Productive & being An Encourager.

Koshy in San Jose

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